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Sunday, August 12, 2012

To the church of . . . .

Do you resemble those in Thesalonica or those in Berea. That is probably an odd question to ask but as we flow through the pages of Acts chapter 17 it all begins to make sense. Thessalonica had several people that chose to follow the teaching of Paul and Silas and yet when some saw this they were offended and sought to arrest them. How crazy is that. For three sabaths Paul preached in the synogogue and was free to do so evidently. We see that some of those "brothern" snuck Paul and Silas out that they may safely go to Berea. When they arrived in Berea they were welcomed and the Bereans received the word with eagerness. They verified daily what Paul shared with them through the Scriptures and were eager to learn. So I ask you again, are you closer to the Thessalonians or the Bereans? Beginning today we will begin to discuss the letters to the 7 churches in Revelation and how they relate to todays church. join us as we begin this study soon. Till the next time. P.M.