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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Well last week we finished strong our suffering servant series and are moving forward to discuss baptism. Most of us have had an upbringing that gives us a certain "bent" toward a way of viewing baptism. For instance if you hold to catholic doctrine you would believe that their is a regenerative value to baptism. If you were brought up protestant in a Lutheran church you were probably baptised as an infant and confirmed as a youth or maybe even as an adult. This coming week we will take an in depth look at what scripture has to say not what man has been teaching based on traditions handed down. Remember it was the reformation period when Luther maintained salvation is by faith alone and caused a great stirring among the catholics. I was not brought up in a church, weird for a pastor to not have childhood memories of church life, and it has proved to be both a blessing and a curse. I don't carry the traditions that many individuals cling so tightly to which makes it difficult to see the trees through the forest, as the saying goes. But I also find it difficult to sympathize with those who feel that the way they have also been taught is the right way and everything else is heresy. Baptism and communion of course are the two ordinances, or sacraments if you rather, that our Lord Jesus left us with. This week will be begin to discuss the history of baptism, who should be baptized and what are some of the different views that are held. I think you'll find this very fascinating and fulfilling. By the way if you've yet to be baptized a believers baptism or are uncertain what this is all about let me know and we'll visit. Our baptism service will be coming up in a week or two and we've already got some folks ready to make a declaration. building the kingdom one soul at a time. P.M.