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Monday, April 30, 2012

Suffering Servant, a study in 1st Peter

Well its been a while since I have updated and find ourselves in a series in 1st Peter. We have already covered a lot but didn't have the time to really go into the term sprinkling found in 1:2. As I have discussed previously this is an Old Testament term referring back to the sacrificial system that had been put in place. If we were to go back to Exodus and Leviticus you would see plenty of examples of blood being sprinkled on the altar, around the altar, on people and anything that was being declared holy, or set apart for God. One instance is the utensils for the service of the altar. As Peter spoke through this letter to many churches, remember this was a circulatory letter, it would be clear even to the non-Jew the practice of the Jewish faith. Peter here gives a New Testament parallel for the people that they have been chosen and set aside for the Lord and are, through the blood of Jesus, sanctified through the work of the Holy Spirit. What an awesome transition to consider as you ponder your faith in Christ. Why not shoot me a note today and share with me what it is you are most thankful for. Until next time, serve the King!