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Sunday, February 6, 2011

where is your loyalty?

Pastor Mark
The last month has consisted to a lot of smack talk about who's team is the best. A funny thing is that many of "their" teams are those sitting in someones living room watching the teams that did earn a spot in the super bowl. We make plans and invite guests to come and watch the game in our homes and eat way to much. We plan snacks, activities for halftime and prepare the house for our guests. Now don't get me wrong, this was my dream Superbowl. My favorite two teams since I was a kid growing up. Going into the game was a win/win for me. But I can't help but consider how much more important our life is and especially when we consider our eternity. Why is it we can be bold for our favorite teams, talking tough to anyone that dare puts down our team? Or how is it we can so easily switch teams because our favorite player switches teams or they start losing? When it comes to loyalty our first loyalty should undoubtedly reside in Jesus Christ. We should be bold and speak out as to our dedication to Him. I am so thankful that Jesus' loyalty does not sway with the moment as ours can at times. He is fully devoted to us and loves us with a love so great and so pure we struggle to understand it. Pro 21:21 reads he who pursues righteousness and loyalty Finds life, righteousness and honor. How interesting that if we pursue righteousness and loyalty, we will find life, righteousness and honor. Life of course is the crucial element. Remember all people are going to have all eternity, some to despair and torment seperated from God, others will experience the saving grace to eternal life. Do your co-workers know what team you are playing for? Do they know you stand firm and are loyal and unwavering for the Kingdom? Everyone is committed, so the question is what are you committed to?