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Monday, July 28, 2014

Change of Heart?!

Have you ever been told to have a change of heart or even heard someone wish you had a change of heart. I have heard this phrase many times and it recently surfaced again when I heard the phrase, "give ____ a new heart". That really caught my attention and caused me to seriously do some searching. Search my heart God,the psalmist writes, create in me a clean heart, oh God, and many other things are written about the heart but give someone a new heart? I first considered the motives of the person making the comment. Is this in fun or serious, selfishly directed or out of real concern?
Regardless of the motive, one must consider what it means. Now as a Christian I understand putting on the new self, being Spirit filled and confident in my position as an heir to the throne, but what part does my heart play in this. I know I am incompetent to create within me any source of purity, wisdom, or to experience true love and true peace without God.
Romans 10 says that with the heart man believes resulting in righteousness, and with his mouth he confesses resulting in salvation.
To believe in Christ with the heart results in righteousness. Not the head, not the eyes, ears, nose or feet, but the heart. If a person so believes, then any attempt by another to ask for a new heart, or to pray for a change of heart is not realistic in expectation. Maybe a change or modification of behavior, maybe a new zeal to serve, grow or go but certainly not a new heart for a person who already has a new heart. A heart for the Lord and His people. So how about you? Do you tell people you wish they had a new or better heart? If so you had better check your motivation if you are talking to a Christian.
Till next time leaving the judging to God.