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Friday, April 26, 2013

come on man!

ok, so there are not to many times when people can surprise me at the lack of common sense, but this week didn't let me down. Talk shows and the callers they have are usually something I steer clear of just for the sake of my own sanity, but once in a while I will see a clip or hear a snip-it of something that boggles my mind. Twice in the past week I have seen things that left me speechless and utterly amazed at the sheer lack of though processing some people seem to have, er uh, not have.
I'm sorry for all you politically correct people who are offended by my words but can we just call a spade a spade?
I mean really what causes this type of thing? Eating paint chips, inhaling sewer gas, being dropped on your head, or what. (no jab intended for the guy I know who was actually dropped on his head as a child).
How many people out there actually believe that sport utility vehicles are what moms drive because they are driving their kids to sporting events?
or that taking guns out of common joes hands will keep the convict looking to rob, rape or kill someone will make things safer. Oh I know it is the same type of person that says that there is no moral absolutes and then tries to impose their view on me about abortion and homosexual marriage. Wait a minute, it just occurred to me that everyone is safe. After all their is no real wrong so God must be cool with all my sin and I will see you all in heaven some day, or if you don't believe in God you can't believe in heaven and of course no hell could exist so life is just a party followed by ABSOLUTE nothingness. That is if anything can be absolute, meaning there must be somethingness in with the nothingness.
Ok, now I'm just getting ridiculous, but do you get what I am saying? Most things are logically based and are cause and effect type things. Your faith or lack there of, is