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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry CHRISTmas

Merry CHRISTmas!! I'm challenging everyone I can to put CHRIST back into CHRISTmas. It all started when I was dragged to a specific well-known hot spot for deals on black friday. I usually don't do that type of thing but sure enough out we went, by the way it was actually Thursday night not Friday. After entering the facility looking at arm to arm people, I did what any God-fearing pastor would do. No I didn't take up an offering but I did freak out and go sit in the van, cowering like a newborn baby for the next 3 hours while my kids and wife took on the wild adventure to obtain the gold. It was a $1.96 movie. Sounds funny now, unless shes reading this and then it is all serious and she is so brave.:o) Anyway it was a reminder of what most of us think of Christmas. A major excuse to shop, jockey for position in line, and save money. Of course saving money on things we need are one thing, but saving money on stuff we didn't know we needed until we saw how much we could save is quite another. Listen, here is the point. Take Christ out of Christmas and you have no celebration. No amount of gifts will make up the difference for the gift of salvation through a tiny infant entitled, Son of God. Jesus is the reason for the season. Now to all you atheists, first thing is I pray for you that this is the year you will search the truths and undeniable evidence of our savior. There is no less proof of Jesus' miraculous birth than there is for George Washingtons birth. If you desire to continue to take Christ out of Christmas, make a real statement and go to work, continue doing what you normally do, take down your decorations and live out what you are attacking. (At least you may earn a little credibility) Secondly, this is my country as well, and my right to worship my God will not be removed from me, because of a few self righteous individuals. My rights are not superceded by yours!! Instead I invite you to enjoy the season and find true peace in Christ. Until next time, merry CHRISTmas! P.M.