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Friday, November 2, 2012


Well now that we have completed our bridges series, studied spiritual gifts, and began to build our small group ministry, with nearly 100% involvement, what next? When you think about it the only logical step is to pray. Pray with dedication and assurance that the Lord answers prayer. Specifically that we would grow as a church body and in our impact to NorthEast Nebraska. Our movie night was a great success with all the people you invited and it was such a joy to hear the laughter and fellowship within our church and with those who came for the first time. Secondly, pray for our country. I believe that God is sovereign and whoever comes out winner will be the one God has raised up to accomplish His will. I further believe that 4 more years of the same old stuff and the new proposals will be a crossing point. By that I mean we already see decisions being made that use our tax dollars to kill innocent babies. Legislature is being pushed to make it illegal to speak freely and our religous freedoms are in serious jeoprody. This election may very well be the election that makes you ask the question, "Do I follow man or follow God?" I know what my anwer is, do you? Be sure and check out citizen link and focus on the families websites for details on the candidates you will be voting on. Dont rely on the biased medias articles but look at how the individuals voted. This week will be a week of prayer for many as we approach the elections but how many of them prayed for our leaders the last four years? Could you imagine going to work every day facing the current administration knowing you were not being lifted up in prayer? I find it amazing that the one thing we all are capable of doing we forego for one vote and then forget it until the next vote. Its time for Christians to let thier voices be heard and stay the course, honor God and rejoice. Until the votes are counted stay in the presence of God P.M.