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Saturday, September 22, 2012

bridges, week one

Building relationships in doing Gods evangelism and service or bridGes as we've come to call it is our newest six week series that begins today, (technically Sunday at 11). We will be using Acts 2:41-47 as our steering wheel and will be looking at additional scriptures and precise examples of the weeks sermon. For example todays question is, "Are you living out the gospel daily? No really, are you? A good example of this is the prophet Elijah who is sent to a widow. He asks her for a drink and while she is going to get water for him, he decides that he would like some bread as well. Hey could you bring me some bread cakes, he asks. You can almost see her heart drop as she turns and looks at Elijah and explains that she has very little oil and wheat left, in fact she was just getting a little firewood to cook up the last of what she had for her and her son. Here is the cool thing. Elijah looks at her and tells her it will be alright. Not just tonight but for as long as God wills. God networked these lives together by providing for the needs of both and being honored the whole time by the faith of Elijah. Most of us complain if we miss a meal, let alone if we have no promise of anything yet to come. Elijah,s Until it dried up of course, but still he had faith and lived it out. Decide in your heart today to trust God and live out the gospel every day. Till next time, keep it in the Word P.M. By the way this Sundays bridGe is, bridge to eternity. Everyone of us must face this bridge at some point in our life and decide to take the bridge or trudge through the treacherous pass of no escape.