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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Consecration before Conquerring

As I prepare for service on Sunday I remind us of the great promises God has made to Israel regarding the promised land. We have looked back into Genesis at several of the texts describing the land and speaking as though it is already the nation of Israels. We know that generation one was fearful and was punished to 40 years of wandering. We also know that generation two was faithful and trusted God. We can contrast the difference in many ways but in chapter three and four we see a three fold breakdown. I phrase it like this, faith in word, faith in action, and faith in witness. These three things go hand in hand and as scripture says faith without deeds is like a body without a soul, dead. Take some time and look over these two chapters before service and it'll make even more sense.
Oh yeah and if you study out the Jordan you may be disappointed in the pictures you see. It is estimated that it flows at only 2% of its original volume. There has been a considerable amount of diverting for domestic and agricultural needs that leaves the water running low. In fact the dead sea, its end destination, has lost 1/3 of its historic area, and loses about a meter a year. In Joshua's day it would have been around 100 feet wide around Jericho, and as it mentions it was in flood stage leaving Israel with about a mile width to cross the Jordan. Happy studying and see some of you on Sunday. For those that read and don't attend watch for sermons online coming soon. thanks