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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Leading part 9

If you think back to your years in school, we can all recall "teachers" that we found totally boring and those who opened a world that we hadn't seen before. What is the difference? For sure one of the characteristics is an enthusiasm to pass on knowledge on a subject that they truly loved. As they would teach that passion would show through. Its kinda like a cold virus, you can't see it with the eye but your bound to catch it. That is our topic of today. The ability for an elder to teach is a characteristic that can be easily abused, misunderstood and all around confusing. This doesn't mean that they know everything, or that when they teach everyone stops what they are doing and rushes over as though in a trance. It doesn't mean that they are gifted in teaching, although some will be for sure.

The Greek term is very simply, instruct through teaching. To instruct someone is to show them the way they should go, through revealing of truth. The intention of teaching/instructing is to bring about action. As a pastor I always try to look at the irreducible minimum and what is the application in my life. Elders are indeed expected to be able to help us on our way through teaching. Regardless if it is one on one or a group, an elder must be able to share the truths of scripture and explain what the relevance is. The Holy Spirit will get hold of a person and bring about change and conviction if need be as the elder is submissive to the Lords instruction in their own lives. For an elder to teach he must be in the Word and have an understanding which is confirmation of an elders calling to overseeing a flock. Many look to the pastors for instruction but Biblically speaking all elders should be ready to teach. Why not spend a moment as you consider these truths to pray for your elders and the ministry they are called to? Pray for a strong walk and wisdom as well as discernment as they fill the office of elder.
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