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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Leading part Seven

As we continue through our study our next characteristic of an overseer is "respectable". Interestingly enough the term in Greek is actually rooted in the same word we translate world. (Kosmos) The actual Greek word that we translate to respectable is kos-mee-os and emphasises order. Similar to the creation account found in Genesis, it indicates an orderly and modest person. Two qualities that are appealing to those who do not know Christ as their savior. Chaos and vanity are to be rejected according to our orderly Father and likewise make a great character for our church overseers. Most of us have been in or are in a situation where we have experienced a person at church, work, or family that is hit and miss when it comes to accomplishing daily tasks. They seem to hang on to the here and now and have little concern of the future. Their random chaotic behavior forces others to wait on them for meetings, reveal areas of being unprepared and have difficulty remembering where and whens of life. Not the qualities we need in our Church's leadership. In First Timothy 4:7 Paul writes to "discipline yourself for the purpose of Godliness" and this should be our quest as we are ambassadors for Christ. Continue on in your journey being orderly in all you do. Best of luck and feel free to post your comments on ways that will help us become more "respectable" for the Lord.
Keep'n it in the Word.