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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Leading part 3

Welcome back as we look into what scripture says in regard to the church and its leadership. Last release we discussed the gender issue and today we will look at the second of several "qualifications", must be above reproach. This at first glance seems to be saying that everyone must like him and that if they don't he is disqualified from overseeing. Once again we must look at the context and the wording that is used. Although the NASB uses the words, "above reproach", it is a singular word in Greek, an-ep-eel-ape-tos. The idea is that the overseer will be blameless or unrebukeable. Now we all know that we as humans fight our fleshly desires to blast the horn at the person that cuts us off, or to badmouth the boss to a coworker when we get passed by on that big promotion. As we'll see by looking at the qualifications yet to come that a man in his own strength cannot fulfill the qualifications without err, if we could we would be deity. A man that never has a wrong thought or action only has one name and that is Jesus. Therefore what must this mean to be blameless? A man must walk with integrity on a daily basis, taking the high road in all he does. The emphasis here isn't how perfectly he walks it but that he is consistently walking in integrity. I know of men, leaders in churches, who lack the integrity and bring upon the local body the shame and concern associated with his daily walk and practices. Sure we will upset people and honestly the more integrity you have the more people will probably be upset with you. This is not the overseers option but the command to walk with integrity and give no one a reason to blame you, as it reflects on the body of Christ. This man must be upright and forthright in his business dealings, family life and recreation. A life that is lived out for the glory of God.
Now these things are crucial for overseers but should be the desire of every believer alive. How are you doing today?
The Word is the Way!